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Onyca Layering Necklace

Onyca Layering Necklace

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The Onyca Layer Necklace is a beautiful and dainty layering piece and will have you vibing that simple elegance in a t-shirt or a flowy blouse.

And you can't go wrong with either gemstone choice- Amazonite, Rainflower Stone, African Turquoise, & Golden Blue Tiger's Eye look great with every skin tone and are easily neutral in their own right.

Here's to lovely long necklaces!

Dimensions: 28" length

Amazonite: Lovely shades of blue, green, amber, cream, and slate with a natural finish. This is a stone chosen to bring a sense of calm and self determination.

Rainflower Stone: Soft creams, dark inky black/navy, & taupey mustard. This stone referred to as "a stone of balance" helping you to analyze & plan the best outcome.

Golden Blue Tiger's Eye:Beautiful deep navy and gold, & is a symbol of courage and strength, helping you to say the hard things to ensure the best outcome.

African Turquoise: Considered the stone of evolution, bringing about great change and transformation in life.

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