About MADE for you

~For socially-conscious nonprofits, community organizations, and shoppers with a heart for giving back, “MADE for you” is more than just a brand. It symbolizes a handcrafted, ethically-sourced promise. From our exquisite jewelry, premium organic teas to our all natural skincare, every product tells a story of mutual partnerships, dedication to customer care, and a pledge to social good. Unlike other brands, our unique proposition lies in our relentless commitment to empowering the underserved, not just with products, but with tangible resources and business micro-loans. When you engage with "MADE for you," you’re not just making a purchase; you're making a difference, partaking in the individual’s success, and ensuring sustainability for the individual's future.~



We prioritize ethically sourced products through mutual partnerships built on trust. Our focus is always on providing exceptional quality and care to our customers. Moreover, we are dedicated to advocating social good by assisting underserved communities by partnering with community organizations & non profits to increase resources available to those living in instability. We aim to build collaborative relationships and equip community members with the resources needed to establish self-sustaining businesses & communities.



  • Ethically Sourced: We source our products responsibly, ensuring to the best of our ability that each piece of jewelry, every cup of tea, and all skincare items are made with care for the planet and its people.


  • Customer Care: From our handcrafted goods to our community initiatives, our primary focus is always the well-being of our customers and community members.


  • Mutual Partnerships: Our commitment extends beyond sales. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to uplift fellow entrepreneurs and vulnerable communities, ensuring a cycle of mutual growth and empowerment across all sectors of community.


  • Custom Commitment: We believe in the uniqueness of each individual. That's why our products and community partnership initiatives are tailored, ensuring a personal touch in every creation and individual process.


  • Social Impact: We're not just about business; we're about co-creating individual success. Through our community partnerships we facilitate access to expansive business networks and business micro-loans, where we aim to address underlying societal challenges and support sustainable self-reliance.


~At MADE for you, we ethically-source and passionately craft our semi-precious gemstone jewelry, premium organic teas, and all natural skincare, through conscious practice for each creation. Beyond our products, we're committed to co-creating individual success and sustainable growth by empowering the vulnerable and underserved in our community through intentional initiatives and partnerships.~

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