About MADE

When I started MADE for you in July of 2018, I must admit the idea had been with me for some time. 

I live in Salisbury, North Carolina which is located in Rowan County. Beginning in 2000, South Rowan began to suffer a tremendously devastating loss of manufacturing jobs. Our textile industry vanished, leaving thousands of workers without work and many families began what is now a third generation fight for economic survival. I moved to Salisbury in 1999, so I started to see how it changed and eroded the community firsthand. 

I've been involved with community organizing and community "mission" work in the past and continued to see things...well...stay the same. Or worse, the need grew. When I began to focus more on the idea of micro lending and building small businesses, that's when I found the fire. The more I saw it in action, the more I saw it totally rehabilitate communities and empower those who once thought themselves powerless.

Before beginning MADE for you, I worked with a non-profit with a global reach and helped to design product that would give those income generating projects a larger market to sell to and increase revenue. And every night I drove through one of the poorest areas of Rowan County. And on that drive home one evening, I decided to work for my community.

So, MADE for you was born.

MADE partners with local non-profits in the community to help those who are struggling create their own sustainability. Through education and entrepreneurship, we believe the community can strengthen itself and rehabilitate the broken places left behind by the vanishing manufacturing industry. 

We encourage collaboration. We cheer creative approaches. We are committed to the long journey.