About MADE for you

MADE for you is more than just a handcrafted business.

My community is in Southern Rowan County located in North Carolina. I moved to Salisbury in 1999 and, over the next several years, our North Carolina textile industry vanished, leaving thousands of workers without work. I saw firsthand how it changed and eroded the community. 

This may sound familiar, as many communities have suffered under the loss of manufacturing in the US.

I've been involved with community organizing and community "mission" work in the past and continued to see things...well...stay the same. Or worse, the need would grow. It was when I began to take the passionate work I had previously done with a focus on micro lending and paired it with ways to build small, local businesses, that I found the fire. The more I saw micro lending in action globally, the more I saw it rehabilitate communities and empower those who once thought themselves powerless. 

Before beginning MADE for you, I worked at a non-profit with a global reach and helped to design product that would give those income generating projects a larger market to sell to and increase revenue. This opportunity gave me some amazing tools that helped me see solutions I didn't see before. Why not try this in the local community? 

MADE for you aspires to encourage community leaders, business owners, and makers to partner with those in their local communities who are struggling to financially sustain create solutions through entrepreneurship.

In addition to this handcrafted business, I am employed with Main Street Meeting Place in China Grove working with Getting Ahead graduates who have dreams of Small Business Ownership. One job informs the other, as together we seek to create a more beautiful and financially stable future through our creativity.