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Get ready to add a game changer to your skincare routine.

When used after cleansing and before treatments, hydrosols make a wonderful facial toner. Instantly hydrate, refresh, and replenish your complexion with our organic and unrefined hydrosols in Rose, Calendula, or Neroli.

Each will aid in maintaining optimal skin health and soothe dry skin. What makes them an essential part of your skincare routine is their ability to lock in moisture and equalize the skin's balance of oil and water.

Unlike many essential oils, hydrosols are gentle and and excellent choice for those with extremely sensitive skin. Hydrosols carry the healing and calming benefits of their essential oil counterpart and therefore make an ideal 'natural first aid' treatment for many common inflammations.

Description: 4oz spray bottle, organic

Rose: hydrates, tones, and clarifies the skin and helps unclog and reduce the appearance of pores. 

Calendula: tones, has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness and irritation, soothes and calms the skin, and hydrates skin

Neroli: promotes regeneration and elasticity, excellent for acne prone skin as a toner, and hydrates skin

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