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Gem Candy Necklaces

Gem Candy Necklaces

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Beautiful strands of exquisitely chonky semi-precious gemstones with 14k gold fill hardware.

16"-17" length (gemstone widths naturally fluctuate) with toggle closure.

14k gold fill charm for Indian Agate and Lepidolite is a Guadalupe charm. 14k gold fill charm for Aventurine is an opal charm.

Indian Agate has a beautiful mix of deep forest and olive greens with a mix of rust, amber, wine, lavender, and a blend of earthy tones. A stone of deep meditation and courage as you work to release the old and reveal new beauty and strength.

Lepidolite has beautiful and rich purples with a natural finish. Lepidolite balances mind & spirit and works as an incredible tool for personal transformation, working circumstances for your highest good. 

Aventurine is a shimmery form of quartz that looks a bit like sea glass. A bountiful stone of fortune & prosperity, promoting compassion and endurance.

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