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Essentials Bracelet

Essentials Bracelet

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Essentials for everyday wear, our Essentials Bracelets are simple and understated with the perfect pop of gemstone. Beautiful Rosewood beads carry your essential oils-just add a few drops a few minutes before wearing. And these make an easy addition to every bracelet stack.

Description: 7.5" bracelet with heavy duty stretch band, (so your lovely new bracelet won't be loose or sag after wear) so don't be afraid to stretch it!!

Chrysocolla: Lovely shades of blue, green, amber, and cream. This is a stone chosen to promotes level headedness and to encourage clarity of thought.

Mookaite Jasper: Shades of ruby, burgundy, yellow, and cream. This is a stone chosen to promote strength, vitality, courage and physical healing.

Angelite- A pale, soft blue, this stone is used to release the old or difficult feelings and helps replace them with higher intentions.

Multi-tone Moonstone- With reflective shades of cream, grey, and peach, this stone is worn to illuminate and chart a clear path forward.

Sesame jasper: A freckled pale, soft sea green, this stone nurtures and sustains while bringing tranquility and wholeness.

Phosphosiderite: In shades and tones of purple and wine, this stone brings peace and stimulates growth of your inherent gifts.

Howlite: Soft white with a tan marbled stripe and matte finish, this stone is gentle and soothing, calming the energy around you.

Indian Agate: Deep forest and olive green with a mix of rust, amber, and earthy tones, this stone is chosen for deep meditation and courage.

Dalmatian Jasper: Cream with black freckles and a polished finish, this is a stone carried to bring joy and balance.

Rainflower Stone: Rainflower Stone is an Agate which makes it a stone of balance-grounding, solid, & stable.

Sediment Jasper: A  stone chosen as a powerful protection against things that are not good for you.


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