Onyca Layering Necklace
Onyca Layering Necklace
Onyca Layering Necklace

Onyca Layering Necklace

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When it comes to Fall and Winter in the Carolinas, you have to have flexibility with your jewelry. Changing necklines and varying sleeve length...the ability to transform with layers...we never know if it will be 60 or 90 degrees that week!

The Onyca Layer Necklace is a beautiful and dainty layering piece and will have you vibing that simple elegance in a t-shirt or a flowy blouse.

And you can't go wrong with either gemstone choice- Amazonite and Rainflower Stone look great with every skin tone and are both easily neutral in their own right.

Here's to lovely long necklaces and the changing of the season!

Dimensions: 28" length

Amazonite: Lovely shades of blue, green, amber, cream, and slate with a natural finish. This is a stone chosen to bring a sense of calm and self determination.

Rainflower Stone: Soft creams, dark inky black/navy, & taupey mustard. This stone referred to as "a stone of balance" helping you to analyze & plan the best outcome.