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Skin Balancing Oil Cleanser

Skin Balancing Oil Cleanser

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Oils infused with ‘love your skin’ herbs then combined with calming aloe and chamomile create a balanced skin cleansing routine that rejuvenates every skin type.

Carefully balanced blends of apricot, olive, vitamin E, & jojoba oils cleanse the skin without creating an imbalance to your skin's natural oil production like commercial cleansers. This gentle practice leaves skin with a healthy & clean glow that you'll likely never have to use moisturizer on again.

Essential oils of lemon detoxify and restore luster, rose hip rich in fatty acids & antioxidants help cells to regenerate & reduce fine lines, rosemary as a natural antiseptic fight free radicals & protects from sun damage, roman chamomile for reducing redness & inflammation, & myrrh to promote elasticity, healthy aging, & reduction of swelling.

Calendula & echinacea are infused in olive oil for their anti-aging properties & benefits in reducing redness & irritation of all kinds, including acne, giving your face a fresh, youthful feel.

To use, massage a dime-sized amount into the skin to remove makeup & cleanse at the end of the day. After massaging 1-2 minutes, wipe clean with a steaming facial cloth, rinsing the cloth when finished. Reapply the cloth to face until cool.

Description: 4 & 2 oz sizes - gentle enough for daily use, safe for all skin types 

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